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Intelyses research analysts draw from a wide variety of records, databases, technical and human sources, depending on the scope, scale, and goals of your organization’s information requirements.  Our researchers scour public and private online sources, photography and imagery sources, review publicly-available records, including lesser-known public records, and other sources, depending on your requirements.

Sometimes interviews and on-site or face-to-face  information gathering methodologies,j when used properly, can also provide meaningful insights.  Information developed by licensed and regulated investigators can provide targeted, highly valuable results.  When used with other sources and methods the result is triangulation of information and a more nuanced product to meet your information requirements.

We help small to mid-size organizations with customized, high-quality research services

Better Information, Better Decisions

Use our research services to identify and explore new opportunities for your organization, plus identify and mitigate risk

Research Plan and Strategy

Our clients are often surprised by what they don’t know. Let us assist you with your research project and exploit new opportunities:

  • Make better and more informed decisions before launching a new venture
  • Use our research services to help your organization identify and mitigate risk
  • Leverage our research experience and resources and allow your organization’s personnel and resources to focus on its goals
  • Exploit new business opportunities with confidence
  • Get a better picture of your industry, competitors, or business partner