So What Does it All Mean?

Intelyses helps you navigate through information from various sources to help make sense of it all. Oftentimes, the problem is not that there is not enough information, but that there is too much too much. Intelyses analytical services help you sift through the information. We’ll help you identify what the information for your organization’s project, what it may mean, and what information gaps remain. Finally, we will recommend strategies for mitigating potential risk from those information gaps, and if needed recommend additional research strategies that may identify the missing pieces of the puzzle.
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Range of industries

Private Investigations
Insurance Industry
Policy & Regulatory Analysis
Non-Government Organizations

Analytical Services to Inform Tactical and Strategic Organizational Requirements

  • Use our customized reports to mitigate organizational risks
  • Explore new opportunities
  • Make better, more-informed decisions
  • Identify what you really know, and what you don’t know
  • Use previously unknown, or under-utilized information sources

Strategy development

Intelyses analytical services distill large amounts of information from various sources, into focused, useable, and actionable reporting to inform your organization’s tactical and strategic requirements

Intelyses Analytical Services: U.S. Sensitive Industries Database

Intelyses personnel assisted a US organization needing to target specific firms in a given number of sensitive industries susceptible to intellectual property theft. Intelyses personnel created the database from free, publicly-avaiable information that had previously gone unused.  The data had existed for years and had gone unused, but Intelyses analytical services helped organize the data into a useable format. The database was used by the organization to develop strategies and processes to counter intellectual property efforts.

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