Intelyses developed a comprehensive threat assessment of critical infrastructure for a Federal agency. It researched, analyzed, and prioritized vulnerabilities to inform local agency leadership and assist in the allocation of limited personnel and resources to help mitigate risks.


Intelyses assisted a Southern California government association with research and analysis of health risks from particulate matter emissions from a local seaport. It identified five primary sources of pollution, categorizing these sources into Ocean Going Vessels, Harbor Vessels, Railroad Traffic, Truck Traffic, and Port Equipment. Through qualitative and quantitative data analysis, its products informed the association’s strategy to reduce emissions based on political feasibility and the potential return on emission-reduction dollars measured in tons per year in particulate matter reduction.


Intelyses assisted a US government agency with the identification of key figures involved in a criminal network. It  assisted in the research, analysis, and exploitation of data and communications, using network analysis and research of individuals and business entities.


Assisted a local agency in its preparations for an internal audit of its operations and core business processes. Intelyses provided recommendations to local leadership to reduce non-compliance areas and recommended corrective actions to mitigate risk of recurrent deficiencies.  It provided a tracking tool identifying specific policy and regulatory requirements, compliance status, recommendations, and color-coding to facilitate the identification of compliant, correctable, and non-compliant core areas.


Intelyses worked with subject matter experts to identify vulnerabilities in key, sensitive industries and potential threats to intellectual property,  propriety data, and export-controlled technologies.  Using publics-available, government sources, it created a database that was used by a government organization to identify vulnerabilities in  sensitive industries. This information was used to help  inform the industry and rand reduce its exposure to technology leakage.

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